3rd Year Students WAAPA - Screen Captures 
COMMISSIONED - Nanette Hassell at Western Australian Academy Of Performing Arts. (WAAPA)

PRODUCTION DESIGN -  Sheridan Elphick
LIGHTING - Karen Kristensen
SOUND DESIGN -  Walter Maguire 
MUSIC -  Timothy Hecker, Robert Scott Morgan of Loscil, Taylor Deupree and Florance + The Machine 
CAST -  Brandon Welch, Georgia Pisconeri, Hemavathi Sivanesan, Jack Ziesing, Jeanine Lui, Jenni Large, Jessica Press, Kirsty Richards, Olivia Fyfe, Rebecca Frasca, Rebecca Taylor, Roy Berkin, Ruth Louise, Sophia Ndaba

‘Capacity’ drawn from overpopulation, human sprawl and crowded living environments, the work explores a dense physical landscape that takes 18 dancers and compresses them into a small space. As space becomes more and more compressed, the dancers become a human tapestry that engulfs its participants into one community. individuals appear and disappear in the search for personal identity.
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