Produced/Directed by Anton
Co - Choreographed by Anton and Brianna Kell 
Music Jai Pyne 
Lighting Chris Donnelly
Footage Sammuel James 
IMages Jhuny - Boy BORA 
Brand X Flying Nun Season 4 
NARCIFIXION is an attestation to the narcissistic epidemic of our modern world. Our new satirical dance work is humorous, dark, and episodic. This enticingly strange world, is jam packed with riotous dance, physical characters, and over the top theatricality. Composed by Jai Pyne, and lighting design by Chris Donnelly. The dance of NARCIFIXION is dense, superficial, serious, and profoundly absurd.
Anton 45 and Brianna Kell 30, both Sydney Independent Artists, first met in 2012, working for four months at TASDANCE. From that time both Brianna and Anton knew they had a strong mutual artistic connection that has grown from strength to strength. Over 2018 Brianna and Anton spent time in the Bangarra and Brand X studios pursuing ideas for a new collaboration. January 2019 saw the continuation of this collaboration with two weeks at FORM in a seed development of new work NARCIFIXION. Music germinations created by Composer Jai Pyne. Lighting design and creation by illuminator Chris Donnelly.
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